Pregnancy Massage 2 day course- Various dates
Pregnancy Massage 2 day course- Various dates
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Pregnancy Massage 2 day course- Various dates

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This is a wonderful course designed for all massage and bodywork students and practitioners, who wish to work with women during pregnancy. Everything shown on this course will inform your general massage practice, add to your skills, and expand your massage repertoire for all your clients.

Accreditation:  BIA

Pre requisites: Students will need to have a full basic body massage qualification or equivalent to complete pregnancy massage.

You will learn about the health and safety issues relating to the provision of this relaxing and revitalising treatment on pregnant clients; understand the complexities of what is happening and changing within the body as the baby develops and use this knowledge in the delivery of a fantastic treatment.

During pregnancy there are a lot of stresses and strains upon the body and massage can benefit in so many ways. Not only will the skin, muscles, lymphatic systems benefit from regular massage treatments but the client will find they have an improved posture, improved range of movement, reduction of swelling, it will help to regulate blood pressure, improves mood and gives them an improved sense of self and relaxation.

Course Structure

The Pregnancy Massage course is an intensive course that is unique in that we provide training in safe techniques for massage in the first as well as the second and third trimesters. Students will also learn and understand –

  • Anatomical and Physiological changes during the three trimesters
  • Towel Management and maintaining clients dignity
  • Looking after your posture while working on a pregnant client
  • Client consultation and contra-indications
  • After care advice and strengthening exercises
  • Common conditions during pregnancy
  • Serious and life-threatening complications of pregnancy
  • Contra-indications to pregnancy massage
  • Changes and adjustments during the first 6 weeks 25
  • Massage during the first trimester
  • Massage during the second trimester, comfort and positioning
  • Side-lying techniques for the second and third trimester
  • Post-natal massage
  • Techniques for healing from labour
  • Post-delivery exercise advice 16 Marketing pregnancy massage

Most insurers stipulate that you are trained in pregnancy massage if you want to work on pregnant clients. This is a recognised qualification that you can use professionally and is an insurable course (allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for It).

Assessment and Examination Method

There will be continuous formative assessments taking place during your training days and you will be expected to answer verbal questions and perform a pregnancy massage.

Maximum of 6 in a class, keeping it small ensuring individual attention.