E-File: *Various Dates
E-File: *Various Dates

E-File: *Various Dates

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Course Duration1/2 Day 

Course entry requirements :
With this course, you will need to be trained and experienced within providing nail extension treatments (acrylic and/or UV Gel) in order to successfully complete this course. This course will teach only use of e-filing on enhanced nails (nail extensions), not for use on natural nails.

E-Filing Course will teach you to competently use an electric filing system (e-file) on nail enhancements which will allow you to speed up your treatment process, prep time and eliminates the risk of repetitive strain from the continuous manual filing of extensions which is a huge advantage for busy nail techs. 

Course benefits 
Nail extensions are one of the most popular treatments with nail technicians and with many busy nail techs typically completing 3 or more sets of nail extensions per day, it is easy to see the benefits of being able to utilise an E-File to reduce treatment times and take the strain out of filing, reducing the amount of manual filing required. Our E-Filing course will only cover the use of electric files on enhanced nails (nail extensions, not for use on natural nails). To complete this course, you must already be trained and experienced within providing nail extension treatments.


Course structure:

  • Health, safety & hygiene

  • Consultation techniques

  • Contraindications

  • Techniques of using an E-File

  • Use of E-File to remove the bulk of nail product, assist with infills, reduce false nail length & finish nail extensions

  • Components of the E-File (drill bit sizes & their use)

  • Maintenance of the E-File